About Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka

Registered Dojo of Aikikai Honbu Dojo

Aikido Aishinkan, founded in 1980 in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, by Toshio Tanimoto-sensei (7th dan Aikikai). With a history of over 40 years, Aishinkan has expanded its presence not only in Ehime Prefecture, but also in Osaka, Kyoto, Takamatsu, Shimane, and even in Italy!

Aishinkan is a group that cherishes mutual respect and enjoys practicing Aikido together, gathered around Director Toshio Tanimoto. Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka, established in 2011 by Ogawa Dojo Chief and several members, they follow the spirit of Aishinkan.

There is no strict hierarchy in Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka, fostering a flat structure among members, and the training environment is always open and filled with a bright atmosphere.”

Toshio Tanimoto Sensei, the founder of Aishinkan

Toshio TANIMOTO shihan 7th Dan, Aishinkan

Tanimoto-sensei started Aikido in 1967 in Matsuyama (he was 20 years old, he wanted to become strong because he had a constitutional disability) under the direction of Koichi SAYANAGI shihan (8th Dan) student of O sensei and who was the first to develop Aikido on Shikoku.

He obtained his 4th Dan Aikikai in 1978. Then he opened his own Aishinkan dojo in 1980 in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Island. He got the 7th Dan Aikikai in 2001 from the Doshu Moriteru UESHIBA.

Today the Aishinkan has 6 branches: in the cities of Matsuyama, Nihama (Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Island), Takamatsu (Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku Island) as well as Kyoto, Osaka and Rovigo in Italy. There is a total of more than 500 members.

Tanimoto-sensei keep his growing fascination with Aikido and his technique is still improving. The clubs of Shikoku Island offers a daily practice.”
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Ogawa Hiroki, the Dojo Chief

Hiroki Ogawa (5th Dan Aikikai)

I started AIKIDO in my home town in Nara prefecture at 16 years old, then experienced several different dojos and also captained the AIKIDO club of Kansei Gakuin Univ. in Osaka.

After my graduation of the university, I moved to Ehime Prefecture for my job, where I had my impressive, life-changing meeting with Tanimoto sensei. Since then I am trying to learn his spirit and technique for ten and several years.
in Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka (since 2011), my motto is “Enjoy AIKIDO practice safely together”.

Tanimoto-sensei keep his growing fascination with Aikido and his technique is still improving. The clubs of Shikoku Island offers a daily practice.”
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Goal of Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka

“Enriching the lives of as many people as possible through Aikido” is the goal of Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka.

The primary goal of this dojo is not the mastery of Aikido techniques. Instead, the foremost objective is to provide happy moment through the practice of Aikido. If you find yourself intrigued by our philosophy, we warmly invite you to join us for a practice session!

As a “Thrid place”…

I currently believe that one of the significant purposes of a town dojo in society is to provide a “third place”.

Traditionally, martial arts dojos, including club activities, often establish organizations with a sense of hierarchy, where the instructor holds a prominent position. However, I think it’s crucial, for members to freely and openly enjoy Aikido, to maintain the dojo primarily as a “space” for practicing Aikido rather than overly structuring it as an organization.

It is desirable for members to maintain an “equal” relationship with each other, regardless of their years of training(However, to maintain order in the space, we request adherence not to specific rules but to a certain ethical standard, a sense of “correct behavior as Aikido practitioners.”)

I envision Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto and Osaka to explore an entirely new form of dojo that has not been seen before, in pursuit of realizing our guiding philosophy.
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