We Offer a System to Accommodate Individual Needs

With a strong desire for as many people as possible to continue Aikido for a long time, Aishikan Kyoto Osaka has introduced the following two unique fee system. Every month, you can chose from these 2 fee sysytem:

Monthly Fee: Pay 7,500 yen, and you can attend classes as many times as you like. (both in Kyoto and Osaka)
Session Fee: Pay 1,500 yen per session.(After 5 times of payment you don’t need to pay in the month)

After joining, you can freely choose between the session fee (1 session, 2 hours, 1,500 yen) and the monthly fee (7,500 yen for adults, 5,500 yen for high school students and below, 3,500 yen for university students and international students, with family discounts) on a monthly basis. If you do not participate for an entire month, there is no cost. Kokorokan Kyoto Osaka allows everyone to continue Aikido for a long time, adjusting to their own lifestyle.

Membership Fee: 5,000 yen

Sports Safety Insurance:
High School Students and above: 2,000 yen (for 1 year) Junior High School Students and below: 1,000 yen (for 1 year)

*Junior High School Students and below are classified as A1. High School Students to those under 64 years old are classified as C. Those aged 65 and above are classified as B. Details of coverage can be found here.

✓ You can choose session fees and monthly fees as you like each month.
✓ If you take a break for an entire month, no membership fee is required.
✓ Continuous training is counted as one session, up to 2 hours.
✓ Elementary school students to high school students are eligible for the child rate.
✓ Family discount applies to couples and up to two children, priced at 9,000 yen. For each additional person, there is an additional monthly fee of +2,000 yen.

If you pay the monthly fee, you can attend unlimited practices in both Kyoto and Osaka for one month.

Convenient Discount System

University Student Discount

In Kyoto and Osaka, there are many college and university students (including international students).With the desire for as many students as possible to start Aikido and continue practicing for a long time, Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka has implemented a ‘University Student Discount’ program.

Monthly Fee ▶ 7,500 yen → 3,500 yen
Membership Fee ▶ 5,000 yen → 3,000 yen


  • The University Student Discount applies only to those currently enrolled in universities, graduate schools, and various vocational schools without regular employment.
  • It does not apply to working individuals attending school.
  • High school students and below are eligible for the child rate.

Family Discount

Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka offers a family discount with the desire for families to share enjoyable moments through Aikido.

Monthly Fee ▶ 9,000 yen for 2 people Additional family members ▶ +2,000 yen per person


  • The family discount applies to parents and children only. Grandparents are not eligible.
  • When a child becomes a university student, they will no longer be eligible for the family discount and will transition to the university student discount.

Example of Fee Payment

The membership fee system of Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka is designed to allow anyone to continue practicing Aikido as long as they have the desire to do so. Let me introduce some representative examples based on past payments.

【Case①】Mr.A, Whose Work Varies Depending on the Season

A-san is working at trade industry. Around the Lunar New Year (January, March), he is busy, while the period from spring to summer is relatively calm. There is a significant difference in the time he can attend practice. However, Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka offers the option to choose between “monthly fee” and “session fee,” allowing him to continue practicing according to the pace of his work. He mentions, “If I can’t attend practice for an entire month, I don’t incur any costs at all, which is really helpful.

【Case②】Mrs.B, Busy on Take Caring Her Child

B-san used to practice Aikido in the past. Now, she is busy with child-rearing and finds it challenging to attend practice consistently due to the child-centered lifestyle. Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka offers per-session payments, so if she cannot attend practice, there are no maintenance costs for the dojo. With the goal of practicing once a month when the timing allows, she says, “When my children grow up, I’d like to practice together as a family!

【Case③】Mr.C, a Frequent Mover due to his Job

Mr.C, experiences job relocations every 3 to 5 years due to work commitments. Although he initially obtained his first dan at Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto, he continues his practice by finding Aikido dojos at his new work locations. Being an officially registerd by Aikikai Honbu Dojo, Aishinkan Kyoto is part of the largest Aikido school, making it convenient for Mr.C to find Aikido dojos for practice even in his new workplaces. As his hometown is in the Kansai region, he uses per-session payments to join practice during visits. Currently, he remains affiliated with Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto as a member.

【Case④】Ms.D, Eager to Achieve Shodan(Black Belt) Quickly

Ms.D, who started Aikido casually for self-defense after joining the workforce last year, found himself deeply immersed in its enjoyment. With the goal of achieving Shodan, he practices at both the Kyoto and Osaka dojos. The flexibility to attend either dojo as much as he wants with a single monthly fee makes it easier for him to secure practice time. Best of luck on your journey towards Shodan!

【Case⑤】Mr.E, Dealing with Unpredictable Work Schedules

Mr.E faces frequent unpredictable work assignments, making it challenging to plan a consistent practice schedule. To accommodate Mr.E’s unpredictable work situations, the option of paying a per-session fee is provided, with a cap set at the monthly fee of 7,500 yen. This way, E-san won’t be charged more than the monthly fee, offering a flexible solution for individuals with sporadic attendance due to unexpected work commitments.

The Strong Commitment Behind Our Unique Fee System

Along the Long Journey of Life, Together with “Aikido”…There is no withdrawal from Aikido Aishinkan Kyoto and Osaka.

If you don’t come to practice, there are no costs incurred… In reality, some people, busy with raising children, come to practice only a few times a year, and there are those who resume practice after a two-year hiatus.

Operating under this fee system is challenging. However, there is a significant reason why we are steadfast in maintaining this fee system. It is rooted in a strong desire to provide an environment where “as many people as possible can continue Aikido practice throughout their lives.”

Life brings various challenges – work, raising children, and inevitable periods when practice is not possible, such as due to illness or caregiving. In fact, I, too, faced difficulties in continuing practice after entering the workforce.

The powerful, unwavering intention behind maintaining this fee system is to create a place where even those facing challenges can continue Aikido practice easily. When I started this dojo, this was my very strong desire.

Creating a space where individuals can continue Aikido without quitting during challenging times – that is what I envisioned and desired deeply when I started this dojo.

Whenever you want to practice Aikido, I am here for you.

If this dojo can assist you in walking the path of life alongside “Aikido,” I can’t imagine a greater happiness.