Budo international friendship seminar 2024 in Kyoto Goshominami Dojo

Hi, I’m Ogawa, the chief of the Aishikan Kyoto and Osaka dojo…

In mid-February for about two weeks, Benjamin Orel sensei, who teaches Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) in Paris, France, had a training camp at Aishinkan Kyoto Goshominami Dojo. (In addition to Aikido practice, we also offer rental studio services

↑↑ Please check introductory video of Benjamin Orel Sensei

This was a great opportunity, so we asked Gianluca Bonanno Sensei of Goujukan, who instructs Goju-ryu Karate at Gosho Minami Dojo, and held the first Martial Arts International Friendship Seminar (Ninjutsu × Karate × Aikido)!!

↑↑ Introductory video of Gianluca Bonanno Sensei (Luca-Sensei)

Although it is different martial arts, there are many shared techniques and philosophies!!

Above all, it was very enjoyable to have the opportunity to interact with people from overseas through martial arts. I was happy that we received great feedback from the members, with several expressing their desire for longer sessions next time, saying it was a fantastic initiative.

Let’s continue to refine our techniques and meet again!


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