Welcome to Aishinkan!
Aishinkan is a registered dojo of "Aikikai".
We always welcome visitors
who wants to practice Aikido.

Welcome to Aishinkan!

Aikido Dojo “Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka” is one of the registered dojo of Aikikai(Honbu Dojo), funded in 2011. There are dojos both in Osaka and Kyoto, where people of all ages, genders, and nationalities (including travelers), practice together.

The Goal of Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka is “Enrich lives of people through Aikido”. To achieve this goal, we try to create a welcoming atmosphere, safety during practice and affordable price to practice longer.

If you have interest in Aikido, please come and join us. We are looking forward to practice with you!

Aishinkan is one of the officially registered dojo of Aikikai Honbu Dojo which was funded by Ueshiba Morihei.

About Our Class

In Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka, we practice with the following 3 points in mind.

1. Practice with Fun and Joy

In Japan, there’s a proverb that says, “What you like, you will do well”, and in the Analects of Confucius from China, there’s a saying that goes, “One who only knows it is no match for one who likes it. One who only likes it is no match for one who enjoys it”.
All classes of Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka are characterized by its enjoyable atmosphere without strict hierarchies. At the core of this approach is the belief that making training fun creates a positive cycle of enthusiasm and improvement.

2. Safety is the 1st Priority

We also focus on safety during the class. If you have any concerns about the techniques, about your body movement, coaches or senior members will support you and you can practice your own pace. Aishinkan Kyoto Gosho-minami dojo has large space (approximately 120 square meters), so you can practice Aikido in a spacious dojo. We also have AED in case of emergencies.

3.Affordable Price

At Aishinkan, we have affordable pricing systems to ensure that anyone can easily start practicing Aikido and continue for a long time. The fee for a single session (2 hours) is 1,500 yen, and if you attend 5 times or more in a month, it’s unlimited training for 7,500 yen. Please choose the pricing system that suits you. *Various discounts are available! For more details on the pricing system, please click here.

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Hiroki Ogawa (Dojo Chief)

Aikido 5th Dan. At the age of 16, started practicing Aikido in Nara (“To strengthen his frail body and mind” he says). Later, in Ehime Prefecture, encountered Tanimoto-sensei’s Aikido, and deeply passionate about it. This is the reason we opened dojos in Kyoto and Osaka.
Interview of Ogawa-Dojo Chife

Takashi Osada(Vice Dojo Chief)

Working as an acupuncturist, employed in an orthopedic clinic. Skilled in DIY. “Through Aikido, I’ve had opportunities to meet various people. Let’s start from simple movements and enjoy together!”. Holds 4th dan in Aikido.

Toshihiro Gyobu (Assistant Dojo Chief)

Enjoys playing genres like blues, soul, R&B, and pop. “At Aishinkan, we provide thorough instruction from the basics. You can work on it at your own pace. Let’s practice together with enjoyment!”. Holds 3rd dan in Aikido.


How to Join Classes

At Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka, we always welcome members from all over the world. If you are traveler from abroad or residents of Kyoto, feel free to visit our dojo. Please check the class schedule in advance, you can contact us through the contact form below or via e-mail (aishinkandojo@gmail.com) with your “Name,” “Contact Information,” and “Preferred Date and Time of Participation.” We will respond within 24 hours.

Training schedule (Kyoto)
※For Osaka Click Here
Monday :
10:30 – 12:30  (Basic class: Slow movements & Relaxed atmosphere)
19:30 – 21:30
Wednesday : 
06:00 – 07:00
19:30 – 21:30 (Basic class)
Thursday :
19:30 – 21:30 
Friday :
10:30 -12:30   (Basic class)
18:30- 19:30   (Children & Adult together) 
Saturday : 
16:30 – 17:30  (Children & Adult together / Basic class)
17:30 – 18:30  (Basic class)
19:00 – 21:00  (Advanced Class)
Sunday : 
10:30 – 11:30  (Children/Adult together)
11:30 – 12:30  
14:30 – 16:30  (Basic class)

    You can enter the dojo 30 minutes before the class. Please wear comfortable clothing (e.g., tracksuits or dougi of aikido or any martial arts) and bring water, a towel, and training fees (1 session for 2 hours, 1,500 yen).

    The schedule may depending on the month and holidays, so please check the schedule for the specific month in advance through the following information.


    Kyoto Goshominami (South of the imperial palace) Dojo

    120-square-meter dedicated Aikido dojo (Fully equipped with air conditioning and heating and AED. With nearby paid parking and bicycle parking).

    Address: 610 Moribuild B1F, Nakanomachi-dori Takeyacho-kudaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0883

    • 3 minutes on foot (approximately 200m) from Karasuma Line “Marutamachi Station” of the subway.
    • 10 minutes on foot (approximately 800m) from “Karasuma Oike Station” of the subway.
    • 15 minutes on foot (approximately 1200m) from “Kyoto City Hall” of Tozai Line or “Jingumarutamachi” of Keihan Kamotomachi Line.
    • 20 minutes on foot (approximately 1500m) from Shijo Karasuma.


    に基づいています 22 レビュー
    小川先生はとても素晴らしい指導者だと思います。 基本動作の練習が多いですが、自分の習熟度と共に同じ技でも取り組んでみたいテーマが変わり、その時々で先生のお言葉で別のポイントが心に残り、いつも新鮮な気持ちで稽古をさせていただいてます。 武道に限らず、スポーツをする上で怪我はつきものだと思いますが、その点も先生はとても気にかけておられ、いかに怪我なくして取り組めるか、と常に心を砕いて下さってます。 経験を積まれた海外の方がお立ち寄りになられたり、小学校に入りたてのお子さんから60代になってから始められた方、未経験の体験者の方も多くご参加され、いろんな方とお稽古ができる事も魅力の一つです。
    Misako Tateoka
    Misako Tateoka
    One of the best dojo to practice & learn Aikido. It has welcoming atmosphere, not threatening at all. Also, sensei and students are very nice and friendly. I was impressed with the internal body knowledge people had! Dojo located close to the Imperial Palace, good place and easily accessible. Near dojo, there are some parking place. 完全な初心者でしたが、こちらのペースに合わせて、丁寧に楽しく教えてくれるので、安心して稽古できます。 入会後も、とても良い雰囲気で通いやすいです(近くに美味しいごはん屋さん多め♪)
    Thonette R
    Thonette R
    We were guests in this dojo. We were treated with respect and friendship. The place is clean, spacious and easily accessible.
    道場長の教え方はとてもわかりやすく、親身になって自主練習も付き合ってくださいます。 これから合気道を始めようって方にはピッタリの所だと思います^ ^
    Toshihiro Gyoubu
    Toshihiro Gyoubu
    基礎から丁寧に指導して頂けるので、初心者からでも安心.・安全に楽しんで稽古できます。 アクセス抜群の好立地もポイント高し。
    seiji eded
    seiji eded
    今まで合気道の道場に何箇所か行きましたが、もっとも初心者にわかりやすく教えていただける道場です。 初めて習う方に特にお勧めです^_^ 有段者も多数いらっしゃるので、経験者の方にとっても有益だと思います。

    Message from Ogawa Dojo Chief

    “To enrich the lives of as many people as possible through Aikido.” – This is the mission of Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka.

    The background of this mission is greatly influenced by the thoughts of our mentor, Tanimoto-sensei. He was born with a severely frail constitution and was told that he couldn’t live past the age of 20. He grew up facing this challenge. When he started Aikido, he had difficulty even sitting properly in seiza (a traditional Japanese sitting position), and it took him over two years to practice Aikido like everyone else. Today, he frequently expresses his gratitude for Aikido.

    “Thanks to Aikido, my body became stronger, I gained confidence, and I had the opportunity to have various valuable experiences.”

    Aikido has no competitions. It is not a martial art where you compete with others. Therefore, I believe that in Aikido, just as with Tanimoto-sensei and myself, starting from a negative point, one can continue training for a long time without falling behind.

    No one falls behind in Aikido.

    That’s why I believe that Aikido has the power to enrich the lives of people. And to continue enriching the lives of the members who practice Aikido at Aishinkan Kyoto & Osaka, I am committed to putting my whole heart and soul into it, both now and in the future.